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Thankful For You

THANK YOU for helping create this landmark year at Dove Youth Development! This year we graduate the first group of Dove kids who have progressed through ALL of our programs, from primary school through high school. Two of this summer’s high school graduates reflect the vibrant vision we’ve been working toward.

Meet 18-year-old Jodelka and Elian who came to us as shy, motivated children from the impoverished neighborhoods near the Dove Youth Development Center. Many of you have visited the generous families living in small, houses on a polluted beach with no bathrooms or kitchens. Unfortunately, their neighborhood has a reputation that employers distrust and that hinders community members like Jodelka and Elian from gaining full time jobs. Both Jodelka and Elian have now been able to break through those barriers and be hired into fulltime jobs by Puerto Plata’s Amber Cove cruise gift shop!

Dove’s programs changed the trajectory of their lives by exposing them to new opportunities, teaching them English and instilling pride. Jodelka and Elian are now using their fluent English that will create more opportunities as they move forward in their careers. Their experiences in Dove’s programs have helped them become outgoing and confident. Jodelka and Elian created new dreams and achieved them with the help of sponsors supporting us in educating them. Thank YOU for joining us in creating futures that would otherwise be impossible!

PLEASE HELP US KICK OFF A STRONG SEASON OF GIVING by saving the date for Giving Tuesday, November 29th. Our Giving Tuesday goal is to add $5,000 per month in recurring monthly donations. Of course, you can add your donation now and not have to remember on 11/29!

  • Choose “Monthly” under “Select Donation Frequency” and choose “Where it is most needed” under “Apply my donation to.”

  • Please share the opportunity to join Dove’s community of hope and love with friends, families and co-workers.

  • Ask your employer if they have a Corporate Gift Matching program to double your donation.

With our new Vocational Training Center, we are expanding the ways we can change Dove kids’ lives!We’re SO excited and thankful to have begun our inaugural Job Readiness Program this summer! Our gifted teacher, Nemesis Sanchez started with 10 students this summer and is getting ready to enroll 55 students in the next Job Readiness class!

Help us double the number of partners supporting our new generation of Dove kids moving forward on their path out of poverty. You can change lives, families and uplift a whole community!

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