Our charter is to provide vision and leadership for the organization and help make it possible to execute on our bold vision for the future of the children in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.


Amy Burkhalter

Amy Burkhalter is an executive leadership coach with an MA in psychology and more than twenty years of experience in coaching and developing leaders and teams in healthcare, academia, business and non-profit organizations. As an American born and raised in India, she’s a global citizen and has always had a heart for supporting paths out of poverty. She has been involved with Dove since its beginning and has served on the Board since 2016. 


Edward Davison-Gwynn

Edward Davison-Gwynn co-owns and leads two companies, each dedicated to helping people, organizations and communities discover, create and sustain ever better performance to enhance the lives of the people they serve and impact. Ed has held numerous leadership positions in a variety of industries. His education includes a degree in International Business and certification in leadership coaching. Ed has volunteered with Dove Youth Development since 2014 and served on its Board of Directors since 2017.


Joe Siok

As an Executive Coach/Mentor for small to medium-sized businesses, Joe focuses on areas such as business development, sales strategy, and growth strategy. He has served in countless non-profit roles for organizations of all sizes, including Vice Chair of the Chicago Chapter of the National MS Society. He has served on Dove’s Board since 2017.


Sherri Sabin

Sherri Sabin is a Health and Wellness Specialist with over thirty years of experience in coaching, training and motivational speaking. She has been involved with Dove since 2015 and joined the Board of Directors in 2018. Sherri competed as a NCAA college athlete and participated in two USA Olympic Cycling Trials. She has over 25 years of Corporate Wellness experience and has developed and implemented award winning programs. She is dedicated to helping others achieve wellness and happiness through physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

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Cherie Mahaffey

Cherie Mahaffey is a consultant and former Senior Executive with more than 20 years of experience in international technology and telecom startup businesses. Her experience traveling, understanding cultural differences and respecting cultural ways of doing business has developed into a passion to “aid the greater good” by volunteering her expertise to U.S. and international non-profit organizations. She started her journey with Dove by volunteering in 2013 and has served on the Board for the last 7 years. She currently also serves as Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Parkinson Voice Project.