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Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

OUR KIDS NEED 50 NEW CHILD SPONSORS! CAN YOU HELP US FIND SOME? Can you imagine being on Dove’s waiting list for a year and a half, along with 146 other children, waiting for a chance to get sponsored and change your life? Waiting for opportunity is hard! We now have the capacity to enroll 50 new students off of our waiting list, but until they have sponsors, we can’t accept them! WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SPONSOR 50 NEW CHILDREN SO TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THEIR FUTURES!

One of the boys waiting for a sponsor

One of our girls lucky to be sponsored

We look forward to welcoming 50 new students to Dove Youth Development once they are sponsored! WOW, exciting times to come! Meeting their families, making new friends and being able to make a difference to these children’s lives is why we are here. Picture sharing our classes with 50 new students, bringing joy, hope and love into their lives -- not forgetting their monthly food bags, annual school uniform & school supplies supporting their education, fun summer outings, parties and so much more. 50 new children also means we look forward to welcoming 50 new child sponsors to our community of hope and love! SPONSOR ALERT…. we need you to share the Dove Love like never before.

Sponsors Larry and Marsha connecting in person with their sponsored child

SPONSORS LARRY AND MARSHA SHARE WHAT SPONSORSHIP MEANS “We first learned of Dove Youth Development and the work they do thru friends at Lifestyles Resort. We sent a request to Dove for more information of their program and how we could help. The foundation of their program is sponsoring a child. This not only supports the after-school programs, the staff and learning center, it also helps the families of the sponsored children with basic food staples each month. We requested to become a sponsor and were connected with the next child on the list awaiting sponsorship. We have since discovered he had been on the list for almost 5 years. On our next visit to the Dominican Republic we inquired about the possibility of seeing Dove Youth Development and learn firsthand what it was all about and most of all hopefully meet our “godson”, (the children refer to their sponsors as godparents). Thru that first visit and subsequent visits, we have gotten very close with our sponsor child. The children’s development, with the support of the program and staff Dove, is nothing short of amazing with the limited funding they have. Each time we return to the Dominican Republic the highlight of our trip is returning to Dove. We have played games with the children, stuffed the monthly food bags, and have supported a few pizza and ice cream parties with them. The families in the area that Dove serves are some of the most in need. The children at the Mission are the absolute sweetest, kindest, funniest and most grateful for each and every sponsor. I strongly encourage all to sponsor a child, you will not only be helping a very needy and a deserving child, but you will fill your heart knowing you are giving a child and their families the opportunities to be the best they can be. You also will find you will receive back more than you ever have given. I highly recommend that you visit Dove, meet your sponsor child and see firsthand how and where your money goes. The children would love to meet you! The list of waiting children is long; be a sponsor, make a difference in a child’s life.”

Meeting your sponsored child in person is magical!


Our journey has been a long one, and we still have a long way to go. Twenty years ago our dream began, and Dove Missions opened its doors to 15 street children. This year Dove Youth Development will be impacting the lives of over 150 children! With your support we have done amazing things – with additional support we can do so much more!

Dove Missions 1400 Van Buren St, Suite 200 Minneapolis, MN 55413

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