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Make A Huge Impact!

We want to make a huge impact in 2023. We’re expanding to a new level of service with our Vocational Training Center. And we want you by our side. It’s not too late to make your impact before the New Year. The year end window is closing on Sunday if you are thinking of making a one time year-end donation. For even more impact, help us with our greatest need by supporting us into the New Year with a recurring donation. Donate today as a recurring donor and help empower and educate over 150 students in our classes and programs. Together we can power and sustain vibrant new classrooms full of children building new futures!

Any amount per month, small or large, makes you a part of Dove’s sustainable future!

  • $40 dollars per month ($480 per year) sponsors one child in sponsorship.

  • $100 per month supports monthly food bags for our families in our Job Readiness program.

  • $400 per month pays for a teacher’s salary.

  • $500 per month supplies lunches and snacks for 150 students!

$1,500 per month funds the operation of our 3 classrooms in our Vocational Training Center. The Cosmetology Salon, the Computer lab and the ESL classroom all require regular supplies and extra utilities. We are creating new opportunities and futures through our programs at Dove! The most beautiful transformations unfold when someone believes in you until you can believe in yourself. Please enjoy this video titled “Walk with Richlen” that illustrates the power of having someone believe in you and support your dreams and opportunities.

We’ve built a pathway of hope. Please help us keep the path open for our next generation of Dove kids!

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