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July 2022 - Back to School Help Needed


THANK YOU to all who have donated so far!! We’ve raised $2,515 USD toward the $8,500 USD goal! We are still collecting donations and have quite a way to go to cover the school uniforms required for our kids to attend public school. Can you or someone you know donate $75 to ensure a child is able to attend school this year? Please invest in changing a child’s life through education by clicking the button and following the simple instructions below:

Please follow the simple directions below: Custom your donation amount to $75 USD (YES! $75 USD is all it takes!) Leave the donation frequency at “One Time” And then apply your donation to “School Uniforms” YOU’RE DONE!

In the DR, as in many countries, school uniforms are used to bring equality between students, regardless of their parents’ wealth. But even the $75 uniforms and school supplies are beyond the means of families in the neighborhoods Dove serves. The sad reality is many families are forced to sacrifice their child’s education to buy food and shelter to survive. Education here in Puerto Plata is the first sign of hope any child has. We want to empower each one of our kids and families with the ability to receive an education. We do this in the shape of a backpack filled with school supplies and a school uniform – shirt, skirt or pants, shoes and underwear. To all of us at Dove, education for our kids is vital and without you, some of our families have to close the door on that hope.

Words are not enough to explain how much we need and appreciate your help. Together we can change lives, one child at a time! Thank you for believing in our children’s future!

Dove Missions PO BOX 32074 Minneapolis, MN 55432

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