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Greetings from the Dominican Republic!

What an incredible year 2022 was for Dove! Some highlights include:

  • We completed construction on our entire building, including renovating classrooms for the new Vocational Training Center!

  • We launched our Job Readiness Program to prepare our teens to get into the workforce and help them find employment.

  • We’ve started enrolling children who have been on our waiting list since the beginning of the pandemic.

Before and after- Computer Lab:

Before and after- Beauty Salon:

ALL THANKS TO YOU! It’s been very exciting to have a beautiful space for our children to learn and grow into incredible human beings! Dove has been a continuous support to our local community, serving the youth and families in the impoverished areas of Puerto Plata through our many programs and classes. We focus on education and connection in a safe environment to learn, laugh and grow, providing new opportunities for a better future! What does 2023 have in store for us?

  • Enrolling up to 100 new students who are on our waiting list who are excited for this opportunity.

  • Training our 65 teens in our NEW Vocational Training Center to fulfill their dreams into adulthood.

  • Expanding our monthly food program to assist our families in need.

  • Connect with local businesses and tourism to build relationships for future employment, opportunities and support.

  • Ramp up our volunteer program to best support our connection with our students and classes while having a meaningful lasting experience.

Learning how to read:

JRP Sales Classes:

If you're new to Dove and want to get involved, contact Liz Rooney at: or check out our website; If you would like to make a donation to help us-please do! Click the donate button below

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