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February 2022 - Sharing Some Dove Love This Valentine's Day


We begin our mission statement with “Dove Youth Development is a community of hope and love”. Each and every day we share this withour children, but celebrating Valentine’s day in the Dominican Republic is extra special. Valentine’s day is not only celebrated romantically, it’s an opportunity to show family, friends and loved ones how much you care. The excitement at the club, exchanging Valentines cards they have personally made, and chocolates between each other, has heightened the atmosphere of kindness and friendship all around. FUN FACT: Many Dominicans will wear something red on Valentine’s day.

IT’S TIME FOR CARNIVAL Dominican Carnival is the most vibrant celebration of Dominican culture and identity. It’s the time when Dominicans of all ages take to the streets to enjoy parades with their families and loved ones in elaborate and colorful costumes. Dove is marking this celebration, with all of the children making their own colorful carnival masks. Glitter, feathers, jewels andsequins will contribute to their creations, all in preparation for our Dove Carnival Parade in the basketball courts outside the club. With music, competitions, games and the Grand Parade, this much anticipated event has the children’s creativity at an all-time high. Remember to check out our Social Media to join in on the fun.

FROM US TO YOU “THANK YOU” To our sponsors, donors and volunteers… a heartfelt thank you, from all of the Dove family. Our staff would especially liketo thank you for enabling us to provide our children with a safe place, all the educational materials, supplies, and daily snacks for them to learn, play and

grow. Each week we provide classes for 136 students. Over the month, that’s over 700 attendances in class! … and, we hope to continue to grow.

There are currently 104 children on our waiting list. With your support, we know this is possible and we look forward to enrolling these children into our Dove family.

Our Youth Development Center and Vocational Learning Program are possible because of your kind donations. Please consider a donation by following the link below:

Thank you for the difference you continue to make in the lives of the children at Dove.

Dove Missions

PO BOX 32074

Minneapolis, MN 55432

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