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Exciting Summer Programs


Summer programs have come to an end! Here at Dove our children DREAM of this time of year and the fun we have! Our fun experiences are purposeful – broadening our kids’ worlds and vision for what’s possible.

We had the most experience-packed six weeks ever. There are so many people to thank - donors sponsored programs we couldn’t offer otherwise; a board member put on a basketball tournament; local nonprofits, businesses, community members and volunteers brought new experiences and helped give our kids the best summer on record. Of course we can’t forget our amazing staff who coordinated, scheduled, implemented and engaged our youth to ensure safety and participation of all of our students! Trust me, not an easy task!

A new feature this summer was Tae Kwon Do training, for which each child earned a certificate and several children earned scholarships to continue studying Tae Kwon Do!

Other experiences included:

  • Ocean world excursion

  • Dominican Safari excursion

  • Cable car excursion

  • Firefighter education day with a water truck party

  • Mountain hike

  • Garden boxes

  • Cinema day (also fostering self-esteem and leadership)

  • Bakery class

We were even able to have a mothers’ day of deep cleaning before we closed for vacation. THANK YOU for giving our children a childhood beyond their wildest dreams.

BACK TO SCHOOL PREPARATION The Youth Development Center is closed for 3 weeks of summer vacation and will reopen on August 30th. Most of our children’s schools start again on September 10th. We’re collecting donations to outfit each child with the uniforms they need in order to be able to attend school and are about halfway to our September 1st goal. If you know anyone who can help us, please send them to and have them “Apply My Donation to” School Uniforms ($75).”

Thanks to each one of you in our community of love and hope that support our kids in creating futures that would otherwise be impossible!

Dove Missions PO BOX 32074 Minneapolis, MN 55432

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