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Back to School Backpacks

Back to School Backpacks!

School Uniforms! We did it! With your help, we were able to get 130 children back to school with school uniforms and supplies! It was not an easy task, as we only raised slightly more than half of our goal. A big THANKS to all of our generous supporters including those who donated supplies that allowed us to stretch our budget and equip all of our students! Ronkonkoma Rotary led by Dr. Scotti donated 150 beautiful backpacks and other volunteers brought us much needed school supplies to fill them! Our students are now ready for a successful start of the school year. Well done and thank you for ALL of your support!

This is Joshua, he is 7 years old awaiting to be enrolled in Dove with sponsorship.

This is Chanel! She has been with Dove since she was 6 years old. She is now 16, getting ready to go back to school.

Urgent need - more child sponsors for more than 100 children on our waiting list! Now we have an URGENT need to help students not yet able to join our program. We have over 100 students on a waiting list to come into the Dove Youth Development Center. We need sponsors for these 100 children before we can help them. Many of them have been waiting more than a year to see if we have a spot for them. Breaking the cycle of poverty is a daunting task on your own, but with the opportunity Dove provides you can help these children make this change! Can you bring hope and help to a child by sponsoring them for $40 US a month? Already a sponsor? Thank you! You're making a big difference and can help us spread the word to friends, co-workers and family. Let's get these waiting children the opportunity they deserve.

Click below to get started in opening a path out of poverty for another child!

Job Readiness Program The Job Readiness Program is underway! We are still waiting for furniture to complete the other 3 classrooms for our Vocational Training Center so we can kick off the entire program in October. We are celebrating a huge success for two of our students who have just graduated high school, (big milestone accomplished there) and are now working at the cruise ship port, loving their new jobs! One of our students, Chanel who started at Dove Youth Center 10 years ago is now on our Give Back part of Dove's programs. Chanel will be volunteering her time teaching in our ESL classes in the Vocational Training Center! Chanel speaks English, French, some German and of course Spanish! Our kids love helping the community and giving back. It is especially heartwarming when they give back volunteering at Dove.

Dove Missions PO BOX 32074 Minneapolis, MN 55432

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