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Celebrating A Successful Summer

Dear Dove Youth Development Supporters, We are so happy to share with you our immense gratitude and excitement! With your support, the Dove Youth Development Summer Program has been an outstanding success! We’ve provided a variety empowering and enriching activities that have sparked joy, learning, and growth in the lives of our children, and it’s been all thanks to YOU!

Highlights from our summer program so far!

Silent Disco Party:

We turned up the fun and dance vibes with an unforgettable Silent Disco Party. Equipped with wireless headphones, our kids grooved to their favorite tunes, showcasing their unique dance moves and celebrating the joy of self-expression. The laughter, happiness and sweaty little faces filled the room with contagious energy.

Hike and Pool Day:

* We encouraged our children to embrace the great outdoors. It was an opportunity for them to connect with nature, develop teamwork skills, and challenge themselves physically. Following the hike, we cooled off with a refreshing pool day, creating a perfect balance between adventure and relaxation.

Cooking Class:

Our aspiring young pastry chefs had the opportunity to explore their culinary talents, by learning 2 new recipes (carrot cake muffins and vanilla cookies). The concentration and excitement on their faces as they prepared and savored their delicious creations were truly heartwarming.

Makeup Class:

Through the makeup class, we aimed to teach the children how to take care of their skin to inspire confidence and self-expression. Our children discovered the art of makeup/no makeup application, learned about skincare, and explored various techniques to enhance their natural beauty. It was a delightful experience in which also some of our boys joined, participated and enjoyed.

Bracelet/Phone Cover Chain Class:

The creative energy soared high as our young artists explored the world of crafting. They unleashed their imagination while designing and creating beautiful bracelets and phone cover chains. Each unique piece showcased their individuality and served as a constant reminder of the power of their creativity.

Outings to the Beach (12 and under):

Picture this—a sunny day at the beach, filled with laughter, sand burying, and the sound of crashing waves. With approximately 60 enthusiastic youngsters (15 at a time), we enjoyed unforgettable moments teaching them little swimming techniques, playing beach games, water Zumba and enjoying the beauty of nature outside of the water and under it!

Ocean World:

Our participants embarked on one of their favorite outings, Ocean World. Witnessing the marvels of marine life up close. Their faces lit up with awe and excitement as they encountered a vibrant array of sea creatures, like: Dolphins, Sea Lions, Sharks, Fish and tropical birds… broadening their understanding of our planet's incredible biodiversity.

Safari Truck Beach Day BBQ (13+):

Our Job readiness program members ventured on a beach day tailored to their interests and preferences. With a mix of relaxation, exciting Safari truck ride (with of course, blasting music), and team activities followed by a beach BBQ! The beach served as a space for them to unwind, connect, and embrace the beauty of nature in their own unique way.

As we continue our summer adventure, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming activities that are sure to amplify the joy and learning within our program:

  • More Beach Days

  • Trapeze Class

  • Hair Braiding Class

These upcoming activities would not be possible without your incredible support. We send our deepest gratitude to all who contributed to the success of Dove Youth Development's Summer Program. We will be sharing updates and stories on our social media platforms, so please be sure to follow us for a glimpse into the incredible moments that unfold during our remaining summer program activities.

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Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for the youth in our community. With warmest regards, Dove Youth Development

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